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Wine Experience Barolo

Wine Experience Barolo - PepeGusto

Barolo, the king of wines and the wine of the kings, there is no dubt… Barolo is the best wine in the world. The Barolo wine is made only with grapes of the Nebbiolo variety.

The land of Nebbiolo are the hills of Langa, in the area of Piedmont Region, in the north east of Italy, at few kilometers from Alba, (famous for the truffle).

Langa is an area full of vineyards and medieval castles, from one of these castles born the name of the wine…Barolo.

To be a Barolo, the wine has to be made with 100% Nebbiolo grapes and it must be aged for at least 3 years starting from November 1st of the same year of harvesting and 18 months must be spent in oak barrel and 5 years to be a Barolo “Riserva”, starting from January 1st of the year after harvesting.

Usually the must is fermented for 25 days in wooden barrels and then the wine is aged for at least 2 years in oak barrels, with a 6 months bottle finishing.

Soils in Barolo areas are mainly composed of clayey-calcareous sedimentary marls, this type of soil is responsible for the production of wines having intense and deep colors, complex in aromas, full body, richness in alcohol, low acidity, superb quality and perfect for ageing.

The climate of the Langhe is characterized by a temperate continental climate, with rainfalls during the months of May, April and September.

The Nebbiolo vine is an extremely resistant vine and therefore the few rainy days which usually occur between the end of September and the beginning of October do not affect the quality of the grapes which complete their ripening process in those days. If a rainy spring is followed by a hot and dry summer, this leads to a good accumulation of substances in the grape berries and produces wonderful wines.

What do we find when we are lucky enough to drink a glass of Barolo?

Among its unique characteristics is the bright garnet red color, to which the aging process gives the typical orange reflections. Its “bouquet” is composed of notes of wild raspberry, redcurrant and cherry jam. Elegant, full-bodied, intense taste, rich in texture and tannins. Both in the nose and in the mouth recalls wild red berries, cherries in spirit and jam, but also gives tones of rose, violet, cinnamon and pepper, nutmeg, vanilla and sometimes licoric.

With aging it becomes more ethereal and spicy with the typical aromas of cocoa, licorice, sometimes seaweed, leather, Tuscan tobacco leaves.

What are you waiting for enjoy the king of wines?