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Welcome to PepeGusto’s brand new Logo


Perhaps you have noticed that something has changed on our website, on the newsletters, on our social media profiles… Our most attentive users will already have understood: PepeGusto has a new logo!

We wanted to change, to review our image, so that this reflected in the best way our philosophy and our daily activities: the new PepeGusto logo is the result of many brainstormings and it’s the work of a team of talented designers; it’s a pleasure for us to finally show it to you.

The colors that characterize us are always white and black: the perfect contrast, which goes beyond the fashions and trends of the moment. The font chosen is a roman type and capitalized: we wanted to convey authority and elegance and we believe that the choice was apt!

Under the logo remains our claim, “ambassador of good taste”, because this is how we feel and for us this is a real mission: we want to be the spokesperson for the Italian food and wine excellence in the world and help you to know and taste the delicacies of our country.

It’s not by chance that we have inserted the Italian flag in the new logo: you recognize it by the green and red lines that frame the claim. Italy is the place where we come from and where the products we offer come from: it’s the country that we want to let the world know about, one coffee (or wine glass, or pasta dish, etc.) at a time.

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