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Venice & The Spritz

Venice - PepeGusto

Venice is the capital of the Veneto region and is located in the north-east of Italy. Venice is a city of canals, bridges, the land of Marco Polo, great merchants and the famous Carnival.

Venice is one of the most charismatic cities in Europe, is unique; there is no other like it. Venice is a magical city that you will never end to discover; the canals alternate with small alleys, immense squares and green spaces.

The recommended is to visit Venice in 3 days, two to get to know the city and one to make a small trip to one of its islands.


And do not lost to enjoy walking through Venice at night, because at night Venice is totally different that is during the day. Many of the tourists have left and the canals and the alleys illuminated by the lanterns of the worn out facades are amazing!

Among the most beautiful areas to visit are the area that goes from St. Mark’s Square to the Arsenal, to the Island of San Pietro, the Giudecca Canal, the Island of San Giorgio and the Jewish quarter in Cannaregio.

Travel to Venice is very usually to see that many people drink something bright orange.  It’s a Spritz! What’s more, it’s probably an Aperol Spritz, the most popular.

It is very common to hear “Uno Spritz, per favore”. (A Spritz, please) when you enter into any bar in Venice at the Aperitivo time.

By the end of the 800’s, in the Venetian area under the dominion of the Austrian kingdom, the Austrians were used to mix the wine with seltz water, because of it was easier to drink the wine, this is how is the Spritz was born, from the German word “Spritzen”

The Spritz in the last 40 years it has spread to the rest of Italy and today thanks to the advertising campaigns of the Aperol brand it has become one of the most worldwide recognized alcoholic drink and it is became a synonymous of a very specific lifestyle.

Basically, a Spritz consists of an alcoholic drink, made by bitter, dry white wine and soda water.

But in reality there are not two Spritz that are alike, because each bar has its own recipe. Some people use prosecco and others, dry white wine; some change the soda wáter for tonic water and obviously also change the mix from one bar to another, but everybody add a slice of orange, an olive.

One example, is the typical recipe for Aperol Spritz is the famous 3-2-1: 3 parts of prosecco, 2 of Aperol and 1 of soda water with a slice of orange.

Photo by Joshua Stannard, Anna Mognato, Federica Ariemma