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TUTTO FOOD 2019 and the Importance of Selecting the Best Italian Producers

TuttoFood 2019

A few days ago PepeGusto’s team was at TUTTO FOOD, the international B2B show dedicated to food and beverage and organized by Fiera Milano. This Italian event has become an excellent showcase for presenting new products, but unfortunately it’s not open to final customers… For this reason we went there, to discover the best for you!

One of the cornerstones of our philosophy is RESEARCH: it’s important for us to always offer you something new to try, while keeping available the products you love the most. However, Italy is so vast and rich in gastronomic specialties, that making you discover new products for us is a real MISSION.

For these reasons we always want to get to know the PRODUCERS closely, because they are the real people behind the products you buy: establishing a TRUST relationship with them is fundamental, knowing the background of the production, listening to their words when they talk about the PASSION they put into their own work… Only this gives us the certainty of being able to offer you the best of Italy.

Of course we go to find the producers in their lands whenever is possible, but events like this offer us the opportunity to meet many people in one day, TASTE the products and test the new ones for you. A continuous work of SELECTION which is the real success of PepeGusto.

At the fair we found producers – almost friends to us – that we will continue to showcase in our online shop, but also new producers of liqueurs, wine, extra-virgin olive oil, pasta, jams, sweet and savory snacks… And we can’t wait to offer you all these new deliciousness!

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