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Trevi the olive oil capital

Trevi - PepeGusto

Trevi is a small and picturesque town in the province of Perugia, in Umbria, the heart of the Italian peninsula, rich in abbeys, medieval villages and famous throughout the world for being the capital of olive oil.

In Trevi there is the famous Trail of Olives, a trail of 60 km divided into five stages (Spoleto-Poreta, Poreta-Trevi, Trevi-Abbey Sassovivo, Sassovivo-Spello, Spello-Assisi), which can be trek walking, by mountain bike, or even on horseback.

The trail is surrounded by more than 200,000 ancient olive trees, churches and medieval abbeys, here there is the oldest olive tree in Europe of 1700 years.

The variety of olive cultivated in Trevi is the Moraiolo.

The Moraiolo has excellent organoleptic properties, with a strong vegetable taste, On the palate Trevi extra virgin olive oil has a good balance between bitter and spicy taste in the nose Trevi extra virgin olive oil remember fresh herbs, vegetable scents, an specifically almond, artichoke and hazelnut.

Trevi extra virgin olive oil can be easily pairing with many kind of dishes, both for cooking and for seasoning and if you want to try something different… trying Trevi extra virgin olive oil with kiwis; will give you a unique sensorial experience!

The fruit of the Moraiolo is small in size and spherical in shape, the color change according to the moment of its ripening.  It ranges from green when unripe, to purple until it turns black at the end of the ripening process, normally the harvest takes place between October and December.

The fruit is still picked by hand; the harvesters place the canvas under the olive tree, but raised from the ground, and with ladders and rakes tear the olives from the branches. In the shortest time possible the olives are transported in ventilated boxes and are immediately taken to the oil press to be processed, according to the rules, that must begin strictly within 12 hours of being harvested to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics of the olives.

The extractive process is cold, without the addition of hot water, in order to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of extra virgin olive oil and guarantee the maximum content of natural antioxidants, polyphenols, and other important components for health.

The oil of the Moraiolo variety is highly rich in polyphenols and oleic acid, and low in saturated fats. These characteristics make Trevi extra virgin olive oil a healthy food and able to contrast the main causes of the development of the cancer diseases, because it is rich in antioxidants and helps fight the production of free radicals.

Credit: Photo by sterlinglanier Lanier