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The Unknown Wines, The Best Ones

The Unknown Wines, The Best Ones - PepeGusto

Italy is divided in 20 different regions, in all of them vine is cultivated and they all make wine.

Wine in Italy is practically an institution, Italy is the third country of the world in wine consumption, with a continuous growth and diffusion even among young people, while for production we are even in the lead.

However, besides numbers, there are the quality of productions and many wineries that made the history of our country, keeping high the fame of the made in Italy wine.

Italy is the undisputed homeland of biodiversity, for its variety of indigenous vineyards. This is what emerges from the official analysis of OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin) which analyzed the quality of the grapes of the 34 member countries and also took into consideration all the other producing countries of the world.

Of the 5,916 different varieties existing in the world, more than 600 are Italian, which leads the ranking.

Every region has unique grapes which are the expression of the land where they grow and many of them are the base of the most known and valued wines of the world.

Our land has had, throughout the course of its history, multiple influences due to dominations, trade or migratory movements. The result is that today Italy is a gigantic puzzle of rare cultural diversities.

But with so much offer and variety, how can we choose the best wine?

Very often the best wines are the unknown ones. They are the work result of small winemakers who dedicate their time to the vine growing more than to marketing campaigns.

Wine is made in the vineyard, not in google, the best wines are often not the first ones in google, not the ones with the most followers on instagram.

Sustainability is the basis of small wineries, they are always projects where respect for the land and the vineyard are the cornerstone and philosophy of the winery.

The respect for biodiversity, the control of the micro-climate, the minimal intervention in the cellar by the winemaker are the fundamentals of the less known wines, those that respect 100% the “terroir”.

A good wine is the one that tells the story of a territory, of a small winemaker, of a different vintage every year, because the climate always changes, there are no equal vintages. We can choose to drink a brand that gives us the comfort of a constant flavor or drink a wine that gives us a journey into the “terroir”.

Capurso Winery

Photo by Andrea Cairone
, Capurso Winery