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The Kitchen Essentials for Your Italian Summer

Italian summer

Welcome July! What’s the weather like there? In Italy we’re enjoying beautiful sunny days, and someone says that when it’s hot the appetite decreases but… we strongly disagree! Indeed we want to share with you some “essentials” you’ll need for a perfectly summery Italian table.

We suggest to start your dinner with some fresh bubbles: Prosecco is always a good choice! It pairs well with starters and light dishes as veggie pasta and fish, but it’s also good for the final toast, just before an ice-cream.

During summer, salads are the stars of the table: remember to dress them with a simple but precious mix of extra virgin olive oilbalsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Only four ingredients, but we’re sure the result will be excellent!

For what concerns the end of the meal, Italians don’t give up coffee even in summer: the secret to a great iced coffee is a fine blend and a good shaker… and of course a little strength in your arms!

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