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The Italian Tradition of Ceramics

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Italy has a rich cultural, artistic and technical heritage in the field of the ceramic manufacturing. Greeks and Etruscans have left on our territory splendid examples of decorated vases and, still today, are universally known, from Veneto to Sicily, the places where this technique is applied.

Nowadays, the Italian ceramic industry is a world leader in quality and innovation; it is an industry that has been able to make an impressive evolution in the production process, even reducing its environmental footprint.

Among the most famous Italian ceramics are those of Umbria and those of Sorrento.

Let’s talk a little bit about Umbrian ceramics.

Thanks to the peculiar soil, rich in clay, abundant water and woods, the art of ceramic in Umbria has developed greatly over the centuries.

The art of the ceramics of the Umbrian handicraft, has ancient roots testified by the recoveries of works of great value going back to the pre-Roman age.

During the Middle Ages ceramics were decorated with colors and geometric shapes.

Umbrian ceramic have many different styles, as can be appreciated among the different productions of Deruta, Gubbio, and Orveto.

The Umbrian ceramic is for the Italian ceramics the strongest evolutionary moment is marked by the Renaissance cultural period.

Since the ancient times ceramics embellished the houses and it represented an expression of social distinction based on the elegance and the richness of the decoration or to the simplicity and the essentiality from the less wealthy classes.

To every Umbrian township they corresponded, and they correspond still today, a decoration and of the peculiar colors.

Deruta: orange, yellow and blu

Gubbio and Gualdo Tadino: ruby and gold

Orvieto: black Etruscan

Sorrento, in another importan city for the Italian ceramic industry.

Sorrento also called as “the land of the mermaids” is a seaside town close to Naples, on the Amalfi coast.

The subjects most commonly used for the production of artistic ceramics in Sorrento are the sun, the sea and the brightest colors of nature, the blue of the clear sky of Amalfi, the deep blue of the sea, the golden orange of the citrus fruits of the Amalfi coast, the bright green of the woods and the typical yellow.

The ceramics of Sorrento represent the solarity that so characteristic of this corner of the world ranging from .

Other decorative motifs typical of Sorrento other than the fanciful floral ones is the representation of “zoomorphic” subjects that recall mythological figures with features that – at least in part – recall those of dragons, birds, sea animals.