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The benefits of a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil can be reasonably considered the elixir of long life!

Considered among the main and irreplaceable products of the Mediterranean diet, its value is not only due to its goodness, its particular taste that goes well with each dish, and its characteristic aroma, but above all its beneficial qualities.

Recent researches have highlighted what the people of the Mediterranean area have discovered for a long time, thanks to experience and tradition. Used daily in our diet, extra virgin olive oil will significantly improve the quality of our health, helping to increase our life expectancy.

Unlike other vegetable oils and animal fats, extra virgin olive oil is a mine of antioxidants, such as omega 9 fatty acids, vitamin E and tocopherol. All these molecules help the body to fight premature aging through the fight against free radicals, ensuring longevity to the cells and less exposure to the attack of various types of cancers.

However, the benefits of a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil do not finish at the presence of antioxidants. Another important benefit is the ability to regulate blood cholesterol levels, lowering LDL cholesterol values ​​and raising HDL ones. We all know that correct cholesterol values ​​help prevent cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes.

The consumption of extra virgin olive oil also helps digestion, which together with all the previous benefits, helps us to face our everyday life better.

You don’t need large quantities, use it raw on your dishes, or for cooking, the important thing is that you choose a high quality extra virgin olive oil! You will discover that it will be a pleasant habit for you, but above all your irreplaceable ally in the kitchen, which will always allow you to have light, tasty and fragrant dishes!

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