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Sicily: a food and wine tour between tradition and innovation

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Sicily is a land made of sun and sea, of history and art, of nature and architecture, of heart and hospitality.

Its cuisine reflects all these characteristics and the Sicilian culinary tradition is one of the best known and envied in the world.

However, we cannot speak of a single Sicilian cuisine, as every corner of this wonderful land preserves ancient recipes and traditions, which it offers generously to its visitors. Visiting Sicily, you cannot stop in one single city! You have to travel visiting the big cities and small villages, to discover the differences of this cuisine that can offer deep sensations with every taste.

Here a suggestion of the most typical places to visit, with their characteristic dishes and traditions:

Palermo and street food: the capital of Sicily is also the Italian capital of street food. Strong flavours, delicious cooking, meats, fish, vegetables … at any time of day or night you can taste these delicacies by walking in the small alleys or in the large squares of the city, admiring their palaces and the ancient open-air markets.

Trapani and couscous: this is a typical Trapani and Sicilian dish, but inherited from the Arab domination. Made from boiled and then shelled wheat semolina, it is served with a local fish soup, very tasty and aromatic, sometimes topped with basil, almonds and tomatoes.

Siracusa and Pachino tomatoes: these small tomatoes, sweet and fragrant because ripened in the sun, are the basis of recipes rich in flavour such as spaghetti with bottarga and almonds, a true tradition for this city. Dishes that have seasoned with the best raw materials that this land can offer, such as extra virgin olive oil.

Catania, arancini and pastry: this wonderful city has always fought with Palermo for the exclusivity of the best rice arancini and the best Sicilian pastry, famous for cassate and cannoli, marzipan fruits and many sweets and cakes whose base are typical products such as ricotta and almonds. How to decide? Just try them all and let your taste decide, for an experience to take your breath away!

We finally end with the Sicilian wines, which offers many DOC wines from native grapes. Wines now known all over the world as Nero d’Avola, Cerasuolo, Grillo, Grecanico and Insolia. How can we not speak of sweet and fortified wines such as Marsala, Zibibbo and Passito di Pantelleria, perfect for sweetly ending a meal that will give an experience full of flavours, teste and aromas.