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Sicilian cuisine and traditions

Martorana Fruits Sicily

Sicilian cuisine is – among the Italian regional cuisines – the one most closely linked to the history and culture of its territory. In an ideal Sicilian recipe books you can find delicious dishes rich in flavors of the Mediterranean sea, with memories of Greek cuisine but also the spicy flavors typical of North African cuisine. Each province of Sicily includes typical dishes that characterize not only the eating habits but also the traditions of each individual city.

The most important products of Sicilian cuisine

Sicily owes much to the success of its traditional recipes to local delicious products, thanks to a warm and sunny climate. Many Sicilian foods have been awarded with DOP and IGP marks. At the base of the typical Sicilian dishes we find: Bronte pistachio, Modica chocolate, almonds and dried fruit, fresh fruits like oranges and prickly pears, typical Mediterranean vegetables (tomatoes, olives, courgettes, aubergines and capers), spices such as oregano and saffron, sheep ricotta (used to prepare both sweet and savory dishes), salt and lots of fish (especially tuna, swordfish, octopus and sea urchins).

Sicilian street food

Sicily can be considered the Italian region where street food is more widespread and where it is possible to eat on the street until late at night. In particular, Palermo is the cradle of this type of cuisine. Among the dishes to be tasted absolutely when in the city we find: arancini or arancine, pane e panelle, sfincione, sandwich with spleen, calzoni and rustici.

Sicilian traditional dishes

From appetizers to desserts, Sicilian cuisine is rich in tasty and… not exactly light recipes. Eggplants are among the basic foods of the recipes of this splendid island and are fundamental for making excellent Parmigiana, pasta alla norma and caponata. Fish is also a basic ingredient of Sicilian cuisine: pasta with sardines, stockfish, swordfish and sardines are all dishes in which sea products are the protagonists.

The delights of Sicilian pastry

Sicilian pastry has crossed regional and national boundaries: some desserts are known and appreciated all over the world. Among the most used ingredients in this field we find ricotta and almond: the first is the base for cassate and cannoli, the latters are essential for making martorana fruit and almond paste sweets. Another cornerstone of Sicilian pastry is granita, better if accompanied by the typical Sicilian brioche.

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