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SANA and the Increasing Search for Organic Food

Sana 2019 - Bologna

Speaking of “organic food” is not something new: the interesting thing is that the consumption of organic food worldwide is constantly growing and this seems to be an unstoppable trend. For this reason we went to the SANA fair in Bologna, dedicated to organic and natural products.

Why choose organic food products? The reasons are many and all equally important. Organic food often has higher nutritional qualities than classic food. Producing organic food means avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and this is an advantage for both the health of the environment and that of humanity.

The foods that have not undergone chemical treatments are fresher, because they last less long and therefore should be consumed in a short time: this means that if you have an organic product in your hands, you certainly know that it was produced a short time ago and it was not left for a long time in a warehouse.

For PepeGusto the quality of the products and customer satisfaction are the most important elements: for this reason, when possible, we are orienting our selection towards organic products. At the Bologna fair we met new producers of organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coffee, organic honey, organic snacks, organic biscuits and organic pickled vegetables.

As always, we had a nice chat with the producers, to understand the reasons for their choice and their working methods. We are looking forward to inserting new products to taste in our online pantry, with the awareness of contributing – with pleasure – to the preservation of Mother Nature!

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