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Pasta carbonara. The italian classic


What would you dream of eating at your arrival in Italy? The answer is all too easy: pasta carbonara! Perfectly creamy and amalgamated, an intense taste and delicately perfumed, it is the classic of Italian first courses.

Today we give you some advice to make it perfect even at home. Just follow our recipe and, above all, choose the right ingredients, which really make a difference in this dish!


160 gr of Italian spaghetti

60 gr of ‘guanciale’ (jowl bacon)

25 gr of pecorino romano cheese

2 egg yolks


Black pepper


Cut the guanciale into thin strips and put it in a large pan. Cook it over low heat so that it does not become dry (about 2-3 minutes) and keep it warm.

Meanwhile, put plenty of water to boil with a handful of coarse salt. Put the spaghetti in only when it boils and cook them following the cooking time on the package.

While the spaghetti are cooking, prepare the carbonara cream: mix the yolks with the pecorino and black pepper. Add a tablespoon of the pasta cooking water to make the cream velvety.

Drain the spaghetti and pour them into the pan with the guanciale, making them flavour well.

At the end, remove the pan with the spaghetti from the heat and add the yolk cream off the heat. Mix very well and serve with other grated pecorino and pepper.

Enjoy your perfectly made carbonara with pride, along with a glass of white or rosé wine, which accompany the sweet taste of the egg, the savory one of the pecorino cheese and the spicy pepper.