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Limoncello: The traditional recipe


The success of Limoncello recipe is certainly guaranteed by the right choice of its primary ingredient, the lemons. The best fruits comes from the Sorrento region, with the two vareties Sfusato or Femminiello Santa Teresa. It’s also important that these are first-blooming lemons, between late June and early July, because they usually have peels with a greater quantity of aromas.

Traditional recipe provides that, once the fruits are harvested, they aren’t even washed in order to keep the natural aromas intact. Nowadays, lemons are washed and then peeled, taking care not to include the white part between peel and fruit. So we obtain very thin strips of peel, which must be left to infuse in pure alcohol (95°) for at least 48/72 hours. Later we add a sugar syrup to the alcohol and peel composition, in order to obtain a thick and tasty mixture, which must rest in the freezer for a few days before being drunk.

A tasty variant of the traditional recipe is the crema di limoncello, a greedy liqueur that provides the addition of fresh cream to the traditional ingredient.

Try a homemade limoncello

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