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Italian coffee: 5 things to know

italian coffee

A steaming cup, which releases its unmistakable aroma, a rich cream and a velvety taste that releases all its flavour in a few sips. Italians like coffee like this: intense, rich, fragrant.

Symbol of Made in Italy and public and private pleasure of Italians, Italian coffee has being loved and appreciated all over the world long since.

Which are its secrets and how to make a perfect Italian coffee?

1. The first secret is the roasting: the excellence of Italian roasters derives from almost 5 centuries of experience in coffee processing. The Italian roasting method enhances the characteristics of each quality and origin, expertly mixing the green beans until reaching a perfect balance of aroma and taste.

2. In addition to its unmistakable taste, Italian coffee has great beneficial properties for our health and mood. Beside the already known exciting properties that increase yield and concentration, coffee is an antioxidant food and Italian roasting reduces the acidity of the stomach and prevents liver disease.

3. Moka pot or espresso machine? As far as in Italy talking about coffee, it means what outside Italy it is called ‘espresso’, short, dense, rich and intense. It can be prepared with the moka pot or with the espresso machine, using the same mixture. The result will be slightly different, a little more intense and creamy with the espresso machine, more fragrant and rich in caffeine with the moka pot, but everyone will be able to discover their favourite method.

4. Ground coffee or in beans? Real Italian coffee requires the beans to be grinded in small quantities and only shortly before consumption, even if the already ground blend is certainly more convenient to use, making this little pleasure always available at all times of the day.

5. And finally some information on the types of coffee and blends: two are the qualities, Robusta and Arabica, the main origins are Central and South America and Africa. Robusta has a higher caffeine content, has a bitter taste and the cream is dark and thick. Arabica is more delicate, less bitter and slightly acidic. The blends may be of a single quality, but very often the two qualities are expertly balanced to create a unique and original taste. Everyone can choose the one that best suits their taste!

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