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Here comes the pizza!

Pizza Margherita

Had we really not talked about pizza in our blog yet? How is it even possible?! Let’s immediately fix this with some “Italian insiders tips” for a perfect pizza, with the right ingredients and paired with the ideal drink.

In Italy the excellent pizzerias are not lacking, but nowadays more and more Italians prefer to make pizza at home: the result is often better, genuine and gives great satisfaction! The ingredients are few and simple: flour, water, brewer’s yeast, oil and salt are the only items you’ll need for the base.

Online you will easily find the tutorials to prepare the pizza: what we want to give you today are suggestions for best dressing it. Extra virgin olive oil must be of excellent quality, as well as tomatoes: we especially recommend cherry tomatoes for pizza.

When cooking is almost done, it’s time to add mozzarella cheese: a few minutes still in the oven and you will have obtained the classic Margherita pizza. This is the simplest version of pizza: on this base you can indulge, adding the ingredients that best suit your tastes.

Two classic and tasty versions are those with tuna and onion or with anchovies and capers; vegetarian pizza lovers often choose artichokes in oil. Then there are those who add mushrooms, salami… Imagination is the limit!

Last tip: in Italy the perfect pizza drink is beer and we suggest you to choose between our Sorrento beers, flavored with lemon or orange; the origins of pizza are in Naples, so with these beers it will be like taking a tasty trip to the South of Italy!

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