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Extra virgin olive oil: the italian green gold of the mediterranean

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The green gold of the Mediterranean – the extra virgin olive oil – is so called for its nutritional qualities, its unique and inimitable flavour and for being one of the simplest foods.

Simple, because it is the only oil produced by simply squeezing the olives. No industrial processes and chemical additives. Only the pulp of the olives, without stones as sometimes happens with other vegetable oils.

This procedure allows keeping intact all the precious substances contained in the raw material, a true wellness recipe for our body with countless properties.

First of all, it is the food seasoning with the best fat balance. Very rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and especially oleic acid, it is an important ally for the prevention of cardiovascular disorders, such as heart attack and stroke; it is instead low in saturated fats, responsible for high cholesterol levels, arteriosclerosis and heart attack.

It is also very rich in polyphenols, very important for our health because they are natural antioxidant, and in vitamin E, which prevent cell aging and many types of diseases and cancers.

These properties make it the only seasoning suitable for the weaning of the babies, due to the right ratio of essential fats, similar to breast milk.

Its properties are surely very important, but its use has being linked to the cuisine and to the Mediterranean diet since ancient times for its unmistakable taste and aroma, which give an extra touch to every dish.

You can use it raw, adding it to a plate of spaghetti with simple tomato sauce, or on a fragrant slice of hot bread with a little salt and a grate of garlic, or on cooked and raw vegetables and on fish and grilled meats, for dishes with very few calories but rich in flavour.

You can otherwise use it to cook your favourite recipes, even the fried ones, to which the extra virgin olive oil gives lightness and flavour, in addition to all its precious qualities.

You can choose the most suitable extra virgin olive oil for your taste: more delicate and with a light fruity taste, or with a more intense, very fruity and slightly spicy taste.

Whichever way you try it, it will enhance your every recipe and bring the Italian taste and warmth into your kitchen.

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