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Christmas Food Gift Basket

Italian Christmas Gift - PepeGusto

Do not miss the opportunity to try our Italian Food Gift Basket, a luxurious and exclusive pack that will allow you to travel in the Italian gastronomic universe. Unique products handcrafted according to tradition that will give you a unique sensory journey through the different areas of Italy from the north to the south.

Our Italian Gift Basket is perfect for all occasions, you will find sweet products as well as sauces, cheeses, extra virgin olive oil and more.

We begin our gastronomic journey with the famous Sfogliatine di Villafranca (a town close to Verona), handmade cookies particularly crumbly and buttery perfect for breakfast.

Let’s move on to the Piedmont with the Piedmont Hazelnut Cream Spreadable *I.G.P. (*Protected Geographical Indication). Its creaminess derives exclusively from the strong presence of oil contained in the hazelnut. The hazelnut is rich in unsaturated fats, omega 6 and vitamin E. Perfect to spread on bread for breakfast or snack.

Always to make your breakfast sweet and healthy, we offer two jar of homemade compote…an explosion of pure fruit.

But if you love the contrast between sweet and salty or sweet and spicy try our homemade compotes with our Parmigiano Reggiano aged 28 months (Parmesan Cheese) or with our Pecorino Sardo, a typical Sardinian sheep’s milk cheese with a semi-hard or hard texture and a slightly spicy flavor.

For a delicious snack or appetizer we suggest our artisan breadsticks combined with our Felino, a typical salami from a small city close to Parma.

Felino salami is made with pure pork meat. It is presented with a slice of intense red color, with white spots that are the fat. The compactness of the meat is closely linked to the seasoning and the quality of the meat used to produce the salami. Traditionally it is cut diagonally, creating oval slices of about twice the length of the diameter of the salami. In order to taste it at its best.

We continue to travel, until we arrive in Puglia, the “heel” of italian boot, famous for its wonderful beaches, Trulli (typical buildings) and its pasta. We offer two packages of Apulian Pasta, ideal to try with our Organic Tomato Sauce, to prepare the tomato sauce the tomatoes, has been harvested in July, August and September and are processed in order to preserve the flavors, fragrances and all the nutritional properties.

You can also cook our Apulian Pasta with our pesto alla genovese or our pistachio pesto, typical of Sicily and why not just with a drop of extra virgin olive oil “Ciarletti and our Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan Cheese) aged 28 months.

In our Italian Food Gift Basket you will also find wild garlic sauce that is perfect for preparing meat dishes or omelettes. Did you know that? Wild garlic has antibiotic properties and lowers the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

To end on a sweet note, in our Italian Food Gift Basket you will find a pack of Artisan Veneziana Black Cherries and Dark Chocolate and a box of Artisan Tuscan Cantucci, which are typical sweets of traditional Tuscan cuisine that are dry cookies with almonds. Cantucci are usually accompanied with excellent Vin Santo…That is a wonderful pairing!