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Birrificio Sorrento – The History

Birrificio di Sorrento

Birrificio Sorrento was founded in 2009 by Giuseppe Schisano and Francesco Galano, thr achievement of a long hel dream that had been nurtured over many years. 

As in the case with the majorrity of italian artisanal brewers, Schisano and Galano began as home brewers. Giuseppe immediately began to study the ingredients, water and spices, with a desire to acquire the mastery of their management to produce outstanding beers. Soon two labels where born which combine tecnical brewing and flavor of the terroir of the Sorrento penisula.

The brewery, in fact, has a strong territorial vocation, linked to the Sorrento Penisula not only as a geographical location for it’s production but also in the use of ingredients in recipes typical and unique to this area: the Sorrento Lemon IGP and Sorrento Orange.

By experimenting and improving their initial recipes, Giuseppe and Francesco created their first two labels: Syrentum a gold beer flavored by the peels rhe Sorrento IGP lemons and Minerva with orange peel, thus beginning a process of education and dissemination of brewing culture, joining their production to the gastronomic tradition of the region and making the brewery and event venue.

 Birrificio Sorrento’s was a continuos and constant growth, in small but well balanced steps as described by Kuaska, the father of Italian microbrewing. The small steps have led to big satisfaction and success as the Syrentum was recognized as a Big Beer (a beer of absolute value, not to be missed) in the 2015 and 2017 editions of the guide to Beers of Italy by Slow Food.

Taste in our products:

Syrentum gold beer with fresh rind of “Sorrento IGP Lemons”

Minerva amber beer with fresh rinds of orange from Sorrento

Parthenope dark beer with kernel of wainuts from Sorrento

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