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An interview with Verdetna


A man and a woman, schoolmates many years ago and friends for life. Two genuine people who shared a dream that, with so much effort and constant research, has come true. Here is the story of Antonella and Salvatore, holders of Verdetna, a company born on the slopes of the Etna volcano in Sicily, where the best pistachio in the world is produced.

Hi Antonella, can you help us to deepen the philosophy of Verdetna?

Our desire is to make people know and appreciate the products of Sicily, our land. Our production is artisanal, made up of gestures handed down by our grandparents, starting from the care of the pistachio plant up to the harvest and then in the preparation of products, both sweet and savory, made with the same care and love as those who once used to prepare them for the family. We would like those who taste our products at home to feel the same passion, love and care.

How do Verdetna products differ from the others on the market?

The difference is given by the type of production, which is exclusively handmade and followed personally, from the production of the raw material to the finished product. Ours is not a large-scale production, that is not our goal: we want to produce the right amount with all possible attention.

What is the relationship between Verdetna and its territory of origin?

VerdEtna was born in Bronte and from Bronte takes all the best possible. The dried fruit that grows in our area is special: our plants are strong and robust. They are born on the lava stone of the volcano and with an incredible strength and resistance they are able to grow and develop, despite the ground seems inhospitable. But the volcano is generous and life is reborn from its flows over time.

Please recommend a recipe with one (or more!) of your products.

The recipes you can make are many, both sweet and savory. You can start from a simple use, filling a toast with pistachio cream, or crepes, or even a simple sponge cake, which with our creams becomes an elegant and refined cake, or preparing bruschetta with our pesto, adding it on pizza or focaccia. Even preparing a pasta dish with pistachio pesto is a perfect solution for those who want to amaze with a gourmet dish, without spending too much time in the kitchen.

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