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An interview with Olio Guglielmi

Olio Guglielmi Puglia

Guglielmi extra virgin olive oil is one of our latest addictions: their Monocultivar are like green jewels shielded in precious bottles and we’re absolutely in love with the story of this family company. Today we talk with Saverio Guglielmi, Managing Director for Olio Guglielmi: get ready to discover a wonderful Apulian fairy tale.

Hi Saverio, nice to meet you. Can you help us to deepen the philosophy of your company?

Since 1954, the Guglielmi family has been taking care of its own olive trees to create high quality extra virgin olive oil. Today, with 60 years of experience, the company continues to maintain high quality standards, thanks to a skilful professional mix in which the roots of the olive oil culture of Puglia are enhanced as a result of technological change.

The Guglielmi family lives and works in Andria, the beating heart of the Italian olive sector.

The company was born in the second post-war period with a small mill, thanks to the will of Saverio Guglielmi, the forefather of this “oil family”. The small oil mill soon became a reference point in the area and immediately marked the innate vocation for product quality. A mission that continues with children and grandchildren, who are dedicated to the cultivation of 180 hectares of olive groves, the olive harvest and the milling, for the creation of that “genuinely” excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Technological innovation and ambition to modernize has always existed in the “oil family” philosophy. Thus, a New Oil Mill is born. All our extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed with cutting edge technology. In our newly built oil mill, 6 production lines are spread over 1200 square meters. Here, thanks to the milling within a few hours of collection, to an innovative extraction system and to a rigorous control of all phases of the production process, we are able to maintain a high quality level for all our production lines.

What is the relationship between Olio Guglielmi and its territory of origin?

The importance of the link between history and territory of origin has led the company to protect the “added value” of native cultivars. Olive groves for Olio Guglielmi are the engine of everything. The meticulous, attentive and loving care is born from the extreme respect of nature and the awareness that the first step to obtain an excellent extra virgin olive oil is taking care of the branch, to have a healthy fruit.

CoratinaPeranzana and Ogliarola are just some of the typical cultivars of the Puglia region, and they are protected by the precise work on the fields, as a real heritage to be safeguarded. Which is why the family takes care daily and personally of the olive groves.

The love for Puglia brings Olio Guglielmi to create the project “Le Monocultivar”: this is our new line dedicated to the excellent extra virgin olive, with the aim of enhancing the beauty preserved in the genuineness, in the landscape of the Apulian land, and the simplicity of culinary traditions. The three varieties of native olive trees, “Coratina”, “Ogliarola” and “Peranzana” thus become the “Monocultivar”, goddesses of taste of Puglia, a symbol of territoriality and quality.

How do your products differ from the others on the market?

The experience grown in more than 60 years of work in the cultivation of these incredible plants and the milling of their fruits has allowed us to understand the needs of a market that has evolved considerably. Today our products differ because they follow the consumer demands. Our commitment is to understand the needs of the market to create new products to better satisfy their requirements.

Of course this goes together with the meticulous work on always striving for the best quality, essential for us and the consumer. Our mission? The constant search for a reliable product with an authentic taste.

Please recommend to our customers a recipe or a food pairing with your evoo.

If I have to choose a product from all our lines I would choose the Monocultivar Coratina, and this is for two reasons. The first one is that the Coratina variety is the symbolic tree of this land, its figure outlines the landscape between hills and sea. Secondly for its flavor. Its intense fruitiness summarizes the characteristics of our people: strong character but amiable for its generosity. This is the Coratina.

The intense flavor captures the palate, its intriguing taste, harmoniously balanced between bitterness and spiciness, preserves all the power of the scents of wet grass, hints of artichoke and tomato with a final spicy aftertaste reminiscent of the scents of the countryside. The Coratina variety is the queen among the Italian cultivars for its high content of polyphenols, extremely powerful antioxidants that restore that tingling sensation in the throat during the tasting. It is an oil that goes very well with traditional Apulian dishes, where simplicity and genuinity are the masters.

This is why, if I have to pick a single dish to pair our Monocultivar Coratina, I will say the Orecchiette with Tomato Sauce. Just a simple dish of traditional pasta, tomatoes, basil, grated cheese and our extra virgin olive oil that exalt and brings together all the simple, but yet special and deep flavors.

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