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An interview with Olio Ciarletti


The Ciarletti family has been cultivating its olive trees for 4 generations since the early 1900s.
Today the company has a true green philosophy, it is inserted in the “FASCIA OLIVATA” FAO protected area and it’s considered as a protected rural landscape by MIPAF.
Only a few towns (Spoleto/Campello/Trevi/Foligno/Spello/Assisi) can boast this patronage, unique in the world.

Ciarletti family

Unique as your products: why are they so special?

There are two types of oils:

  1. a mass market type for millions of consumers
  2. a high-quality type, suitable for a few thousand of the,

Ciarletti can be considered between the best extra virgin olive oils in the world, so we’re surely in the high-quality type. 
Our company tries every year to improve cultivation and production techniques in order to have a higher final quality. 

We’re the first and only company in Italy to experiment the use of ozone-based products in organic cultivation. The waste products  are all used to produce heat and natural fertilizers: we don’t waste anything in the environment and we reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Our oil can be considered different from others because this type of oil is unique for each producer.

What is the special connection between Olio Ciarletti and its territory?

Ciarletti lives on the harvest and the fruits of the olive tree. Each one of our 6,000 trees is a child, raised and respected as a living being. True respect for the territory and the environment has always been in our DNA.

Please recommend a recipe/food pairing with your EVO

The high quality EVO is a fundamental element in every recipe. After years of experience and pairing, trust me: Ciarletti oil makes every dish a completely new tasting experience. And not only for traditional dishes such as meats, soups, pastas, rice, cooked or raw fresh vegetables, ice cream, mature cheeses: I recommend everyone to do the simplest thing for young and old: a good snack with good toast bread and a lot of oil.
Taste and health are guaranteed!

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