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An interview with Il Convento

Il Convento Family

PepeGusto’s interviews are back! Today the blog takes us to Naples to meet Il Convento, one of the brands we have selected to offer you the best limoncello of Southern Italy. Follow us in this nice chat with Giuseppe Pollio, owner of the company.

Hi Giuseppe and thanks for being here. Can you help us to deepen the philosophy of your company?

We have been producing limoncello for 25 years, always paying great attention to the quality of the raw materials. In particular, the lemons used to produce the liqueur come exclusively from our land and the harvest is carried out strictly in the optimal period of maturation. Using fresh lemons means guaranteeing to the final product all the freshness and fragrance of the freshly picked fruit. Furthermore, in the process of transformation we use a very small quantity of sugar in order to maximize the lemon taste.

How do your products differ from others on the market?

Our limoncello is different for the color, the density, the balanced, intense and delicate taste and finally for the typical and unique perfume of the lemons of our lands.

What is the relationship between Il Convento and its territory of origin?

We feel part of the Sorrento peninsula so much that we have included it in our logo! We are also very attached to the land that once belonged to the friars (hence the name “Il Convento”, the convent), purchased by our family in 1935. There has always been a sincere bond with the clerical world, to the point that historically the first fruits of the harvest were donated by devotion to the prior of the convent.

Please recommend our customers a cocktail made with your limoncello.

Limoncello Spritz, which is obtained by mixing dry sparkling wine, tonic water and limoncello, is very popular: it is an excellent digestive after a fish-based meal, leaving the palate clean with a persistent taste of lemon.

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