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An interview with Buondioli

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Puglia

Buondioli is the story of a family of farmers at its 4 generation.
The passion we put in our work always distinguished us.
We can find it in each drop of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
In Puglia, ever since. Today we talk with Domenico Buondioli, Product Manager.

Hi Domenico, Can you help us to deepen the philosophy of your company?

We found the first traces of a Buondioli in 1864 with Mimmo (Domenico) Buondioli, in Carpino. He planted and cultivated the first olive trees following the high quality path since then. We think our surname, “Buon-di-oli”, that in italian literally means “Good in oils” derives from the fact that we have always been distinguished for the high quality of our production. The strength of a company in its fourth generation is encapsulated in the ability to combine tradition and innovation, paying particular attention to the land, the plants and the transformation respecting the environment. The experience of the past combined with new agricultural techniques and with the contribution of young agronomists, experts in the sector, allows us to produce a high quality Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil following the family tradition. If Buondioli is our surname there will be a reason!

How do your products differ from the others on the market?

A long family tradition means a long experience and a deep study of the product: our olive oils are all organic certified and they are different by cultivar used. Ogliarola Garganica is the intense one, Leccino is the delicate one, Denocciolato is the essence of fruity and Blend is the perfect mix. Every oil has a different use on the table: choosing the right one to combine with the plate the consumer is going to eat boosts the taste of the dish and gives the user a unique flavor that brings him directly among our olive trees in Puglia.

What is the relationship between Buondioli and its territory of origin?

We are strongly related to our territory, the Gargano National Park: it is a very strong bond that is essential for our company. The spirit of our company is found in our attention and care for the land and our trees, a sign of the love and dedication we give our products. Organic, for us, is natural: nature is what we’ve always been involved in. And Mother Nature thanks us by giving us his precious green gold.

Please recommend to our customers a recipe or a food pairing with your evoo.

Since summer is coming I have no doubts on the advise I can give you with our Evoo: a fresh bruschetta with roasted bread, cherry tomatoes and rivers of our Organic Ogliarola Garganica!

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