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An Art & Food Tour: Modena & Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti - Modena

The beautiful Modena, Heritage of Unesco for is Cathedral, “Torre Civica” and “Piazza Grande”. Modena is located in the north-central part of Italy in the region of Emilia Romagna motherland of Balsamic Vinegar, Tortellini, Tigelle and Ferrari.

Modena is also the birthplace of Luciano Pavarotti, and is the city of one of the best restaurant in the world; Osteria Francescana of Massimo Bottura chef.

Walking around the city center of Modena it´s easy to find what is now an icon of Modena street food, the “Crescentina” or “Tigella. Their name comes from the homonymous tool of terracotta or firestone with which they were originally cooked, from the Latin tegere (to cover). “Tigelle” are typical focaccia of Modena, prepared with lard, water, flour and yeast. Tigelle are left to rise and then cooked in the “tigelleria”, a double metal mold which closes like a book placed on the fire. “Tigelle” with Parma Ham and crescenza are one of the many ways in which these delicious focaccia can be stuffed, usually filled with salami, vegetables or the typical “cunza” what is a mixture of lard, rosemary and garlic typical of Modena enjoy it with a good glass of Lambrusco

Is highly recommended to visit the Luciano Pavarotti´s Home Museum; the museum is  an encounter with the life and the history of one of the most admired geniuses of the world.

The Luciano Pavarotti´s Home Museum is twenty minutes away by car, although there is also by public transport, you can reach from the center of Modena, the beginning of the Emilia Romagna countryside where you will find a traditional country house of the area.

It´s not just any country house. It is the house where Luciano Pavarotti lived and died.

A house has maintained in a perfect state of conservation, in which it has a well cared for garden and its interior has been modified to access a museum.

It has a well-curated room where the elements of life in his house are intermingled with the display of his art in perfect order.

Costumes, programs, distinctions and a tour that places the visitor in the main theatrical scenarios of the world of opera and Pavarotti life.

You will not fail to hear a well-balanced sound, with the unmistakable voice of Luciano Pavarotti in every corner of the house, as well as an unknown live audiovisual recording of a backstage.

At the end of the tour and see the murals, very well done, with photos in collage style, where Pavarotti and Friends, redimension the world personality that the tenor has had.

He will not pass unnoticed a beautiful kitchen, where Luciano Pavarotti was also honoring his chef skills.