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A multi-sensory food and wine tour in the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

Treating yourself to a food and wine tour on the Amalfi coast means dipping yourself in an experience of aromas, flavours and colours that will tickle all your senses, giving you days full of emotions and strong sensations.

The perfect climate, the friendliness and hospitality of the people, the suspended view between the wonderful Tyrrhenian Sea and the blue sky, the warmth of local traditions make this wonderful area of ​​Italy the perfect destination for a food and wine tour.

The Amalfi coast, with its 14 municipalities and the panoramic road of Bourbon origin that connects them from north to south, is the land of excellent raw materials, which tradition has transformed into dishes and products known all over the world.

Discover the products and dishes that we can enjoy on this multi-sensorial tour:

We cannot start this journey without talking about Pizza, the queen of all the Neapolitan traditional dishes. Pizza Margherita, the simplicity that enhances the excellence of the few selected ingredients.

Another symbol of the Amalfi coast are its lemons, with its 3 different IGP varieties of Amalfi coast. The lemon groves are jealously guarded by the owners and you can find these trees full of fruit in the courtyards of the hotels and B&B, where you will stop to have a rest. The world famous Limoncello is obtained from this golden fruit, to be enjoyed at the end of the meal as an excellent digestive.

As in all Italian seaside villages and towns, also here on the Coast you can taste wonderful first courses of fish, rigorously prepared here with Gragnano pasta and fresh fish, such as tuna and anchovies from Cetara, from which you get also the traditional Colatura di Alici, to season spaghetti or to flavor many traditional dishes.

A tour of this wonderful land cannot end without a taste of its fabulous desserts, such as Delizia al Limone, Sfogliatelle, Caprese cake and the famous Pastiera, which you can enjoy in the characteristic pastry shops in the historic centres of all the villages of the coast, together with a Neapolitan coffee or a glass of typical wine of the Amalfi coast, made with native grapes whose presence dates back even before the Roman Empire. Because as a local proverb says, the Amalfi peasant-sailors have always had ‘one foot in the vineyard and one foot in the boat’.