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A food and wine tour in Umbria, the heart of Italy

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Umbria can be truly considered the heart of Italy, right in the center of our beautiful nation and without access to the sea.

A heart where history, art, nature and traditions come together in a unique and rich territory. It is dotted with small villages, fortified towns, impressive municipal squares, Roman and Gothic churches and craft shops. Its palaces preserve the pictorial jewels of the Italian Renaissance.

Always characterized by the profound relationship between man and nature and their spiritual connection, Umbria is also the land that has generated some of the most loved religious figures.

Land of good food and good drink, Umbria boasts an ancient food and wine tradition.

The gastronomy in Umbria is synonymous with cold cuts, cheeses, legumes and excellent pastries.

At the centre of local raw materials, extra virgin olive oil has always been one of the excellences of Umbrian gastronomy. With its landscape dotted with expanses of olive trees, Umbria guarantees excellent extra virgin olive oils, thanks to artisan mills that amaze the quantity and quality of the its production.

Each different area of ​​Umbria corresponds to a typical exceptional product:

Colfiorito, the fruits of the heart: Colfiorito is a small village near Spoleto and it’s famous for its red potato – with red skin and yellow flesh – and its legumes – lentils, spelt, beans and grass peas.

Cascia, Città della Pieve, Gubbio and Spoleto, the red gold: these are four areas which are world famous for the saffron production, an extremely precious spice which enriches dishes with its characteristic aromatic note and its golden yellow colour.

The Etruscan Roman wine trail and the Canticle wine route: two itineraries to discover the several DOC wines from Umbria.

The hills around Perugia, the green gold of Umbria: the soil of this area is particularly fertile to produce some of the best Italian extra virgin olive oils, produced with experience and respect for the nature and traditions.

Valnerina, the art of ‘Norcineria’: in Norcia and Valnerina it is possible to taste the products offered from the ancient art of Norcineria, which can transform everything the pig can offer.

Umbria is a small territory rich in flavors, which has managed to preserve the tradition of its typical dishes and a cuisine with an ancient and peasant character, where the main ingredient is simplicity.