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A food and wine tour in the green and sunny valleys of Valpolicella


An unusual proposal and less known than more classic food and wine tours: Valpolicella.

Valpolicella is a hilly area north of the city of Verona and bordered by Lake Garda. Beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views and an enviable position, close to cities of art, interesting museums and Venetian villas of immense cultural and artistic value. All this makes it very interesting for a cultural tour, but it cannot certainly be missed a visit to the cellars, where the wines for which this green area of ​​northern Italy is famous are produced.

Valpolicella is rich in typical quality products, such as Lessinia cheeses and cold cuts. The land also gives juicy cherries, kiwis and peaches, as well as truffles, extra virgin olive oil and honey.

However it is viticulture that made this area famous since ancient Romans; here past and present coexist between tradition and modernity.

Starting from the city of Verona, famous all over the world for the magnificent Arena and the romantic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, along the Valpolicella wine road you can cross green and sunny valleys, with vineyards as far as the eye can see, to reach the cellars where some of the most famous wines of Italy are produced, such as Valpolicella Classico, Superiore and Ripasso, and of course the very famous Amarone and sweet Recioto.

During the visits to wineries, many of which are located in splendid historic houses, you can visit the vineyards, the barns where the grapes for the Recioto and Amarone dry, and the cellars, often underground, with barrels of various sizes where the wine rests waiting to be enjoyed all over the world.

At the end of the visit you will not be indifferent to the aromas and flavours of this exceptional territory and you will not be able to give up a tasting of their best wines and local products.

You will take home the memory of the vineyards lying on the rolling hills, the evenings to taste excellent wines in front of the fireplace and the architectural wonders of this land that will be discovered little by little.